Social Cognition

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This is a Bachelor-level course about Social Cognition, taught in the psychology program at Tilburg University in the Spring semester 2020.

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In this course, students will learn about social cognition—the part of psychology that deals with how individuals understand and make sense of the social world. Students will learn about research that allows them to better understand how people think about and act upon their social environment and the people who inhabit it. On the one hand, social cognition is a theoretical, fundamental part of psychology. It can give us answers about such fundamental questions as: how do people form opinions? Or: why do people sometimes do good things, and sometimes they behave unfairly or in a morally questionable way? On the other hand, social cognition is also a practical part of psychology because it allows you to make sense of social phenomena, which can in turn be applied to areas such as consumer decisions.

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